WinVNC doesn't work on NT sp3, any ideas?

Oliver Carl ocarl_b "at"
Fri, 17 Jul 1998 21:38:41 +0000

Hi Berend

Don't blame it on sp3op4! :-) Works fine with me... Seriously:

Have you tried reinstalling?

Are you running VNC as a service or in foreground (default installation)?

Type "netstat -a" in a DosBox. You should see the lines
  TCP    yourhostname:5900                LISTENING
  TCP    yourhostname:5800                LISTENING
(these are the default ports). Maybe you see some other LISTENING ports (not
135 and 10xx)? These could be from VNC. Try to telnet them.

Sorry, no more ideas. Hopefully not completely useless.

Groetjes, (this is from the Netherlands, I suppose?)


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Betreff: WinVNC doesn't work on NT sp3, any ideas?

>Hai All,
>WinVNC 3.3.2 doesn't work on my NT Workstation 4.0 with sp3 and Option
>pack. Anyone suggestions? I installed the same thing on Win95 and it did
>work immediately. The viewer works, I can access my Unix machines fine.
>It seems WinVNC 3.3.2 doesn't go into listening mode. At least, telnetting
>doesn't give any respones (which it should it somebody is listening).
>I would be glad for any ideas/suggestions.
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