How do I control-alt-delete from a unix viewer? sdwormley "at"
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 19:36:14 +0000

What I did to make sure I never tried ctrl-alt-del for a VNC session(since
my personal system is set to always allow control-alt-del for a clean
reboot) I hacked the viewer to remap control-alt-insert to control-alt-del
so that I'd never have the urge to do the wrong thing.

(If anyone wants the 'patch' let me know, it's one whole line that just
checks if the control and alt modifiers are set and we get an Insert then
we send a delete)(Probably could get it to remap KP_Delete as well)

(I suspect a better idea might be to build a keyboard remapping table for
this kind of thing, instead of hardcoding it)


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