Mouse and left handed people

John Seraphin John.Seraphin "at"
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 19:04:24 +0000

Ok James,
I've tried that (ie switching
the mouse settings back on the server) :
it works :-)

Thanks a lot


De : 	James [Wez] Weatherall
Date=A0:	jeudi 16 juillet 1998 18:55
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Objet :	Re: Mouse and left handed people

>On Thu, 9 Jul 1998, John SERAPHIN wrote:

>> I'm using VNC 3.3.2 viewer (on an NT4 client).
>> Since I'm left handed, I've switched the mouse buttons.
>> It seems that the viewer (be it the exe or the Java one)
>> ignores that and keeps the standard settings for the mouse.
>> Cheers.
>> --John
>> P.S. The mouse buttons ARE switched too on the server
>> (another NT4 box).

>If you set one machine (the server, say) to use the normal mouse button
>arrangement but set the client machine to use the switched arrangement,
>then does that work?

>From the above, my immediate thought is that the buttons are swapped by
>the client machine, passed to the server machine and then swapped again
>before being processed.


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