How do I control-alt-delete from a unix viewer?

James [Wez] Weatherall jnw "at"
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 15:43:06 +0000

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998, Mac Reiter wrote:

> If you are _root_, pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del executes a "shutdown -r now"
> without asking, no matter what app is up.

I thought Ctrl-Alt-Backspace did that, not Ctrl-Alt-Del?  Does
Ctrl-Alt-numeric_del do a reboot as root, too?  I'm planning on adding, if
possible, code to make WinVNC respond to the Del on the numeric keypad of
Unix boxes, too, since so many Unix users seem to want to use that Del,
and since if you were in front of the Windows machine, it would work


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