Addition to RFB protocol?

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Wed, 15 Jul 1998 10:52:57 +0000

Matthew -

I think you *have* missed something :-)  This is the basis of the protocol:
the client sends a request for any changes, and the server returns them.  If
there haven't been any since the last request, the server remembers this
'pending' request, and sends the next changes that happen.

The client can also send a request for the *whole* screen, for example when
it first connects, but (depending on the client) may be used at other times
as well.

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Subject: Addition to RFB protocol?

>I've looked through the protocol document, and unless I'm deeply
>misunderstanding something, there's a bit missing: why isn't there a
>for the client to send to the server to request areas of screen that might
>have changed since it last asked?  The server could then return a
>or number of rectangles, for which the client could ask to be sent the
>framebuffer data.  This keeps with the idea that it's still a client-driven
>protocol, though I think it'd be faster if the server pushed rectangles
>incrementally at the client (i.e. the server stops sending 'area changed'
>messages if the whole screen changed, and the client still hasn't requested
>an update).
>comments, flames etc. appreciated,
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