VNC Password

Patrick Ouellette pouellet "at"
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 21:59:30 +0000

I think allowing VNC to use NT's authentication would be nice too.
Maybe a vnc user group that checks the username and then if the
user is a member of the group passes the authentication to NT for
password checks.  Since I'm dreaming, I hope the NT authentication
is tied to system calls that allow it to work with future NT
authentication, not just NT 4.0

Anticipating the next version.......


> >Could I tie the VNC password to an NT password in the NT user database.?
> >Probably not just tell me no if this is a stupid question.?
> Not with the software as supplied by ORL. However, a while ago I hacked on
> the authentication code a bit and made it use NTLM authentication (which
> ties it in with the NT password database). I haven't finished the changes,
> but now that at least one other person would like to see this feature too
> :), perhaps I'll be motivated to clean it up and actually make it work.
> I'll post an announcement here when I get this finished.
> Greg Hewgill

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