LibGGI VNC display target now available

Steve Cheng elmert "at"
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 20:32:10 +0000

[Note: this is going to both the GGI and VNC lists.]

I have already said that I was working on this, but now it's in a working

libGGI is a portable graphics library with a flexible design.  See
<> for details.  The graphics application can be
transparently "retargeted" to different types of displays including X11,
Linux svgalib and fbcon. (Win32 soon to come.) The VNC targets adds the VNC
protocol to this list.  You can even run doom over VNC! :-)

Standand VNC clients can be used with the VNC target/GGI application as the

You can get it here: <> 

Untar it under degas/lib/libggi of the GGI devel tree. (The stable GGI tree
won't work because of namespace changes,etc.)

A long while ago someone wanted a "stripped-down version of the server part
- one that skips listening/authentication phase and just uses stdin/stdout
for the communication (run-once application)."  This is not currently done
yet, but I have made it easy to do so.  The only problem is the libGGI
application trying to use stdin/stdout.

ORL has asked me not to distribute this as part of libGGI (yet). (It has
GPL'd code; the other parts are LGPL as the rest of LibGGI).  So it won't be
in the GGI CVS tree now.

Bug reports, fixes, and feedback welcome.

And finally thanks to ORL for VNC.

(And I'll now go fix the tile target...)

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