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> I am a newby so please be gentle. I have searched the VNC mail list
> archive and got nothing on this subject. I have tech's at remote sites
> on a large TCP/IP network. This product is perfect for this, I love it.
> The desktop's I need to see change daily. Is their a way to automate the
> vncserver setup, like all default prompts and set password
> automatically.? 

It's not difficult to do this, no.  We're preparing a FAQ on how to
install WinVNC on remote NT machines without having to deal with them
directly, which should help with this sort of requirement.

The process basically involves copying the WinVNC files onto the
destination machine, installing at least a default password for the server
to use (or setting the new AuthRequired registry option to 0 - not 
recommended) and then running WinVNC, either directly or by installing it
as a service and using Net Start.

The FAQ entry will be on the VNC web page when completed.


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