newbie VNC X-server setup problem?

Matthias Nott mnott "at"
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 17:49:46 +0000

At 01:20 09.07.98 +0900, you wrote: <br>
<font size=3D2><blockquote type=3Dcite cite>Sirs,</font><font size=3D3> <br>
=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 </font><font size=3D2>I've asked the question about=
 Winvnc remote
installation.=A0 However, I received an uncertain solution from your staff
members.=A0=A0 I've 400 machines in nationwide.=A0 It requires long travel t=
install the software and which is impossible.=A0 If you noticed, the
software called &quot;Remotely Possible&quot; from Avalan provides
excellent software install to the remote machines.=A0 Since I've used your
system and evaluating the software, please consider to add such function
to your software so that I don't need to travel the world to install
software.=A0 <br>
By the way, this software is excellent.<font size=3D3> <br>
</font><font size=3D2>Thanks</font><font size=3D3> <br>
</font><font size=3D2>HOJ</font><font size=3D3> <br>
Dear HOJ, <br>
at least, your remote systems will have someone sitting there and working
them. So there should be no problem creating an installation script
a) copies the necessary files (dll files and winvnc.exe) to the
winnt/win95 directory<br>
b) makes the necessary registry settings and adds a line under
hklm/software.../run for winvnc.exe<br>
I have done this a while ago with installshield; you can create a
self-extracting exe file with<br>
install shield and put that one on your web site or distribute it with
eMail. You can already<br>
configure a password (as you hard-setup the registry settings).<br>
So your remote users just have to run that install program once, and you
are done.<br>
In order to have a way to reboot remotedly the systems, either use one of
new versions of winvnc supporting &quot;run as service&quot; --- or
simply configure your<br>
systems as logging in automatically (which of course is a security
A while ago I have hacked winvnc sources so that it lets you in with a
password --- it even lets you change the tray icon depending on the
password (or<br>
not display a tray icon at all). See my related post about 2 months
mnott "at"<br>

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