newbie VNC X-server setup problem? Dave.Addison "at"
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 12:49:19 +0000


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I've been playing with xauth on SunOS and I can only generate the error message 
below if I specify a hostname not in the hosts database. It doesn't matter 
whether the specified machine is switched off or not running an X server. As 
long as it exists as a recognised hostname xauth will add the security entry for
the specified display.

>When trying to start the "vncserver" the error msg. still pops up:

>"Xauth: (argv): 1: bad display name "Rettvin_aage:1" in "add command"" 

It may suggest that the problem is with the configuration of the machine, not 
VNC (although I have to admit I'm only guessing). You could try running the 
vncserver script with the -ac option which appears to turn off security checking
so that the xauth failure doesn't matter. This should allow the clients in the 
xstartup script to connect to the display.

If this works (and you can live without display security) it may be a long term 

If you wouldn't mind posting them, I would be interested to see the output from 
the vncserver script when it starts up and the contents of the server log file.

Dave Addison

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