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Matthias Nott mnott "at" gwdg.de
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 12:18:59 +0000

Hello all,

I think, it should be no problem for anyone who at least has e.g. 
MSVC 5.0 to drop the check for the local IP-Address.

vncclient.cpp contains (at least, for r.19) the following snippet:

		// Check that the local & remote names are different!
		if ((localname != NULL) && (remotename != NULL))
			if (strcmp(localname, remotename) == 0)

Just comment out these lines.



> I just ran into a problem where the VNC server (just downloaded) for
> Win95 is refusing connections via localhost.  I can understand wanting
> to prevent loops, however there must be a better way to do this. 
> The reason I ran into this is that we have a demo PC (in a conference
> room with an active white board and overlay projector) that we'd like to
> have usable from anywhere. 
> I setup SSH to forward remote connections (outside the firewall) to
> localhost:5800/5900.  The server complains about not allowing
> connections from loopback. 
> I'm going to try changing it to the specific IP address, but localhost
> is a perfectly reasonable and easiest to maintain way to do this. 

WinVNC checks to see whether an incoming connection has the same IP
address as the machine it is running on and refuses the connection if it
does.  This is mainly to avoid people accidentally viewing a machine's
desktop from that machine and getting weird results.

An option has been added to WinVNC to make local connections possible,
though, in the vnext revision, which will be available soon.


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