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John M. Klassa klassa "at"
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 19:10:53 +0000

>>>>> On Tue, 7 Jul 1998, "JMK" == John M. Klassa wrote:

  JMK> More info...  Seems to be something peculiar to my fvwm2 setup
  JMK> (i.e. not a VNC bug; my apologies).  When I bring up a server &
  JMK> start twm, the "L" key works fine.  When I remove my .fvwm2rc
  JMK> and start fvwm2, the "L" key works fine.  When I reinstall my
  JMK> .fvwm2rc and start fvwm2, however, the "L" key stops working.
  JMK> I'll do more poking and will report my findings, if any (so that
  JMK> some other hapless newbie won't have the same problem :-)).

Okay, whole story (sorry for the repeated followups to my own messages).
My use of xmodmap thusly:

	keycode 0x16 = Escape
	keycode 0x24 = grave asciitilde
	keycode 0x31 = NoSymbol

to move some keys around (*not* the "L" key, by the way) was the culprit
(I was running this from the "InitFunction" code in my .fvwm2rc).
Removing this chunk got rid of the problem.

The moral: xmodmap may not do what you think.

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