logging on with Windows VNC

Hugh Messenger hugh "at" HiWAAY.net
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 17:39:43 +0000

I'm using VNC as a "last resort" means of administering one of my NT boxes
when on the road.  I've installed it as a service, and everything is
working just fine.  Except ... I just had to reboot the server remotely. 
So I'm now looking at the log-in prompt on the remote machine ... "Press
Ctrl + Alt + Del to log in".  And of course, if I do that, it just pops up
the task manager on my local machine. 

Is there any work around for this, or will I have to run an auto-login
hack on the server, so it automagically logs me in on the server at boot

I've read the FAQ and the documentation, apologies if I missed the answer

   -- hugh

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