Pbs with NT4 and 3.51 (newbie)

James [Wez] Weatherall jnw "at" orl.co.uk
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 16:01:55 +0000

On Tue, 7 Jul 1998, John SERAPHIN wrote:

> > Which machine does this apply to?  Or does it apply to both?
> After tons of intall/uninstall/reboots I've got the NT4
> server runnning:

Weird.  You have to be careful when using the InstallShield stuff, that
WinVNC isn't currently running, otherwise it'll ask you to reboot.

> I'm However unable to connect to the 3.51 server
> if nobody is logged in (I tried it on two 3.51 servers).
> Is that "normal" too ?

I think so.  It appears that 3.51 doesn't support the required access
priveliges to desktops other than the Default one, which means that the
screen saver and logon prompt desktops tend to cause problems.  This is
why I haven't spent more time trying to fix the Ctrl-Alt-Del problem on


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