Pbs with NT4 and 3.51 (newbie)

John SERAPHIN John.Seraphin "at" ratp.fr
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 14:52:53 +0000

I've installed  VNC 3.3.2 on two NT servers (3.51 sp5 & 4 sp3).
I installed them as services (using the -install option).

I'm facing two problems however (using either a Netscape
browser or the viewer, from an NT workstation) :

1- The "Send Ctrl+Alt+Del" option doesn't work.
ie I'm unable to unlock the screen saver...

2- I'm unable to connect if there is no user connected
on the NT server.

I'd appreciate any help



P.S Yes, I've read the FAQ and searched the archives
though swiftly ;-)

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