Another wish... resource selection

Eric Kidd eric.kidd "at"
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 23:29:10 +0000

At 2:57 PM -0400 7/6/98, Quentin Stafford-Fraser wrote:
>Yes, we've thought about the vnc: thing, and we like the idea.  However, I
>imagine this is just a convention thing at the moment?  If enough people
>started using it, then it might be adopted as a standard - or is there an
>official way?

The IETF generally handles things like this. If someone writes a reasonable
RFC (for a real program), they're usually happy to publish it. On many
platforms, it is possible to tell your web browser (and other utilities)
that all URLs with a given schema should be opened in a particular program.

The normal forms for URLs are:


The host may also be of the form "host:port" if the server runs on a
non-standard TCP/IP port.


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