Another wish... resource selection

James Mc Parlane james "at"
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 23:12:54 +0000

Hi and Thanks for the reply.

> Hi James,
> >A problem I have is that to select a vnc desktop you use the following
> "URL"
> >in the client ip.address:X where X is an integer value.
> >
> >What I really need is a full blooded URL like
> >
> >[connects with display o on]
> >vnc://
> >[connects with jims desktop]
> >vnc://
> ...
> Yes, we've thought about the vnc: thing, and we like the idea.  However, I
> imagine this is just a convention thing at the moment?  If enough people
> started using it, then it might be adopted as a standard - or is there an
> official way?

Not really. Like most things on the internet it becomes official when you
generate an 'RFC' and post it to the w3 consortium. It becomes more widely
used when Netscape or Microsoft license it to pack it with their browser a
la Flash.

This is a great protocol. If you could add plugins, a 4bit greyscale,
resource selection and encryption then I think it would take off.

I can see a future for GIF, JPG and MPEG handling if you want to see it in
every set top box in the world, but thats another story.

> Either way, it doesn't mean much until somebody writes a plugin, because
> nothing would understand it.  Perhaps more useful at present would be a
> '.vnc' file extension format, which could be associated with an
> application/vnc MIME type, and which would contain the basic
> connection info

I'm crazy enough to write the plugin for IE. :)

I've never liked the .ram file that RealNetworks uses. Always inconvenient.
And you would have to build a mini HTTP client into the VNC client to get
the same functonality in the standalone client.

> and so could be given to the viewer as an argument.  A web server or VNC
> server could produce a .vnc file in response to a request for
> something like
> , and you would just associate the MIME
> type with the VNC viewer in your browser's configuration.
> Within ORL we do something similar using the CORBA backend - we generally
> refer to desktops by name rather than number - but a URL style would be a
> more portable solution for the world in general; we'll think about it.
> >Whats the ETA for 3.4 or 4.0? :)
> Well, we might release a Service Pack or two for the current
> release, while
> we decide whether to call it VNC99 or not :-)

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