Another wish... resource selection

James Mc Parlane james "at"
Sat, 04 Jul 1998 01:19:05 +0000

Thanks guys for creating this protocol. Its thin, its versatile, it slices
and dices..

I am writing a program that provides a virtual desktop for every user with
an account on my system. No Display drivers or screen scraping.

I was writing my own VNC type system when I found VNC and decided not to
re-invent the wheel. Especially when I found one so well created. Its almost
perfect. Almost.

A problem I have is that to select a vnc desktop you use the following "URL"
in the client ip.address:X where X is an integer value.

What I really need is a full blooded URL like

[connects with display o on]
[connects with jims desktop]
[connects with jims desktop number 3]
[display an image using VNC]


Being able to connect with multiple resources on a machine through one
listening port (like a web server)
"vnc:" would enable protocol plugins to be written for popular web browsers.
This would help vnc to gain more penetration.

What are the chances of these changes being made to the protocol?

For the moment I'm getting by by allocating each resource a unique password
and then using the password as a resource sellector. I'm doing this because
it happens before the screen sise is transmitted by the server.

As you can imagine. This sucks so far as elegant solutions go.

Whats the ETA for 3.4 or 4.0? :)

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