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leo@brighteyes.u-net.com leo "at" brighteyes.u-net.com
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 15:17:50 +0000

Hi all,

  Just a quick announcment to say that I've written a 
VNCViewer for computers using Acorn's Risc OS.

  Its in an early stage at the moment, but it supports
all five of the protocols (Raw, CopyRect, RRE, CoRRE
and Hextile) but so far only supports 8bit displays.

  For anyone that wishes to try it out, you can find
it at http://www.brighteyes.u-net.com/ and its in
the software section.

  Currently it requires Risc OS 3.10+ or later and
48K + (ScreenBuffer) free memory.  Where the 
ScreenBuffer size is (widthxheight)xBPP/8. So for
a 640x480x8Bpp display you will require approximately

  It seems to be stable enough, but occasionally closes
the connection to the server for no apparent reason.  And
hopefully I'll be adding 16 + 32 bpp support this weekend.

  Bug reports and suggestions to vncviewer "at" brighteyes.u-net.com 
please :)



PS Will some kind person add the link to the contribs page? Or
should I send a mail to the vnc "at" orl.co.uk address?

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