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Wayne warp "at"
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 12:29:03 +0000

I know comparing the 2 is wrong, it is like saying that Windows 9x is as
stable as DOS or OS/2, it just doesn't go.  I mean one is purpose built
(Tarantella) where as the other is a open project that is capable of being
more (VNC).

Perhaps, taking VNC from being a medium, to an actual emulator may not be
difficult.  The real question is, Is Windows (whatever version be it NT or
9x) powerful enough to be the server.

What I presume is needed is a way to tie VNC into the display driver, in a
fashion, that will enable remote access via terminals.  Looking at
Tarantell, it has its own driver, so to speak, that translate any X or CHARM
content via Java to a viewable content whether it be a Web browser or a
purpose built interface.

I appologise if it sounded as though I was trashing VNC, but I believe the
speed issue is a valid point.  I tried using a web browser, but gave up
because it took so long to refresh via the Java interface, however via the X
interface it flew.  It handled DirectX screen wierdly but they were still
usable to a certain degree.

"I believe OS/2, is the operating system for the '90" - Bill Gates, and
ain't it the truth
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>The reason I ask is that comparing SCO Tarantella serving X to Java to a
>Windows box serving VNC to Java is a little unfair - VNC is a general
>display remoting system rather than a graphics RPC system and also WinVNC
>has to do a lot of work to get hold of screen changes on the Windows side,
>whereas the SCO or Xvnc servers are both special X servers which produce
>the required output directly.
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