Quentin Stafford-Fraser quentin "at"
Fri, 27 Feb 1998 14:49:47 +0000

>I connected to my UNIX workstation from home via a modem.  twm draws a
>dithered (red-white-red-white...) pattern in the title bar of the
>currently active window.  This means I have to wait about 10 seconds
>every time I activate a new window.  I immediately shut down the
>vncviewer and started Timbuktu Pro.

Modems are slow.  Sounds like yours is very slow.  Make sure the connection
is set to 8-bit if you're using a modem to a deeper desktop.

You can also improve things dramatically on twm if you

    a) disable the dithering on the title bar by using a solid bitmap.
        In .twmrc put:

            TitleHighlight "solid"

    and put a bitmap file 'solid' on the bitmap path containing:

        #define solid_width 4
        #define solid_height 1
        static char solid_bits[] = {

    You can set the X bitmap path - I have in my .Xresources:

       *bitmapFilePath:        /home/qsf/bitmaps

    b) make the scrollbar solid

        *Scrollbar*thumb: solid
       *Scrollbar*foreground: grey

    c) remove the subtle modification of the window border when it gets
focus. In .twmrc:


    d) use click-to-focus instead of point-to-focus (does twm allow this?)