DHCP woes (and degrees of remoteness)

Jonathan Marsden Jonathan "at" XC.Org
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 04:04:17 +0000

On 31 Dec 1998, Scott Dudley writes:

> If the remote machines are PPP dial-up accessing your network, then
> it still works.  

Right.  Machines within local call distance of the central site (so
that dial in is cheap) can do that.  Maybe even within the USA if yu
want to pay the telco several cents a minute...

But, truly long distance phone calls are costly...  We have an ISDN
PRI worth of incoming modem pool here (23 modems), but when the client
machine is in another country on another continent... using an ISP
there saves a lot of money compared to making phone calls :-)

There is remote, and then there is very remote <grin>.

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