DHCP woes

Jonathan Marsden Jonathan "at" XC.Org
Thu, 31 Dec 1998 00:09:11 +0000

On 30 Dec 1998, Scott Dudley writes:

> I haven't tested the following with the Win-based vnc but I think it
> should work.  At work, I've setup a DHCP server supplying IP's to
> approximately 150 clients.  On the same Linux box I have running
> Samba's WINS server (nmbd).  I have the ISC DHCP server hand this
> WINS address to the clients.  They are then able to reslove names
> via WINS (netbios name resolution) much like DNS.  They can ping,
> telnet, ftp, etc as long as the machine to which they're connecting
> is known to the WINS server.

True, but Linux VNC client machines, and any remote Microsoft-OS VNC
viewer machines not using that WINS server, will be unable to find the
VNC servers that way.  So this is a very partial solution.  Some of us
have remote computing needs that are more diverse and more remote that
that.  Good when it is all you need (all VNC clients are Microsoft OS
based and use the same WINS server).

The more general solution requires that the DHCP server that issues
the IP address for a VNC server machine also comunicates with the DNS
server for that server machine too.  While Linux runs the latest ISC
BIND 8.x code that can handle Dynamic DNS, the current Linux DHCP
server code does not (yet) communicate with the DNS server in this
fashion.  I believe that is being worked on.

NT boxes acting as DNS server and DHCP server *will* do the
appropriate thing in this regard.  As a result, for now we are
currently forced to use an NT box for our internal DNS server and DHCP
server here, rather than a Linux box.

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