DHCP woes

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>Their is a much easier solution that is completely independent of the
method of
>assigning IP addresses, provided that the two machines are on the same
>(IE each computer could see the other one somewhere in the network
>neighborhoot).  Windows 95, 98, and NT all do this great thing where a
>computer's name (it's workgroup/domain is irrelevant) will resolve to it's
>address, provided it has one.  So if you named one machine MyWin95Box and
>otherr MyWin98Box, you could just type MyWin98Box into the
>box on the win95 machine, and it would work.
>I have no idea how much windoze experience you have, so I'll include this
>incase you didn't know: To change the name of the computer, open up the
>Networking control panel, and then look in the tab labeled Identity.

That's great when you are on the same server on the same network ;-)  The
machine I mentioned was my home machine - and a lot of times, customer
machines.  None of these are on my NT network I have here at the office.  I
adopted this as the 'standard' way of doing it anymore, so I don't have to
worry about what network I'm connecting to, just who's UIN I need to look at
to get the right IP :-)  A good number of times, my customers are set up so
they are dialing into an ISP, so, that doesn't work to well.   However, in
the case the person mentioned originally, I should be kicking myself for not
mentioning doing that...  I guess I've gotten to set in my way of doing it

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>> Subject: DHCP woes
>> >I am a brand new user and I just installed VNC on a Win98 machine and a
>> >Win95 machine.  Do I have to use the IP address to connect to the
>> >The reason this is an issue for us is that we are starting to use a DHCP
>> >server which dynamically assigns IP addresses and we were hoping to use
>> >machine name which would remain constant.  (I hope this isn't a stupid
>> >question!)
>> >
>> >Mike Baggett (mbaggett "at" mail.mcg.edu)
>> You have to use either an IP address or the machine name (IE,
>> computer1.thisnetwork.com)
>> I have a little trick I use for this - I use my machine at home remotely
>> from time to time, so I loaded ICQ on it, and ICQ on the machine that I
>> to get to my home machine from.  Then, whenever I need to connnect, I use
>> ICQ to get the user info from the remote computer, and type in the IP
>> VNC to logon!  Works great in situations where you have dynamic IP's!

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