DHCP woes

Matthew Gabeler-Lee msg2 "at" po.cwru.edu
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 21:47:59 +0000

Their is a much easier solution that is completely independent of the method of
assigning IP addresses, provided that the two machines are on the same network
(IE each computer could see the other one somewhere in the network
neighborhoot).  Windows 95, 98, and NT all do this great thing where a
computer's name (it's workgroup/domain is irrelevant) will resolve to it's IP
address, provided it has one.  So if you named one machine MyWin95Box and the
otherr MyWin98Box, you could just type MyWin98Box into the server-to-connect-to
box on the win95 machine, and it would work.
I have no idea how much windoze experience you have, so I'll include this tidbit
incase you didn't know: To change the name of the computer, open up the
Networking control panel, and then look in the tab labeled Identity.

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> Subject: DHCP woes
> >I am a brand new user and I just installed VNC on a Win98 machine and a
> >Win95 machine.  Do I have to use the IP address to connect to the server?
> >The reason this is an issue for us is that we are starting to use a DHCP
> >server which dynamically assigns IP addresses and we were hoping to use a
> >machine name which would remain constant.  (I hope this isn't a stupid
> >question!)
> >
> >Mike Baggett (mbaggett "at" mail.mcg.edu)
> You have to use either an IP address or the machine name (IE,
> computer1.thisnetwork.com)
> I have a little trick I use for this - I use my machine at home remotely
> from time to time, so I loaded ICQ on it, and ICQ on the machine that I want
> to get to my home machine from.  Then, whenever I need to connnect, I use
> ICQ to get the user info from the remote computer, and type in the IP into
> VNC to logon!  Works great in situations where you have dynamic IP's!
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