DHCP woes

Tal Lichtenstein tal "at" avionitek.com
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 21:44:12 +0000

If you type in a server name in the box, VNC will use the DNS system to
resolve the name into an IP address.

In order for the DNS server to recognize these dynamic IP machines, you need
to set up the following:

1. A WINS server: Each machine will register its machine name and IP address
with the WINS server when it boots
   up. In order to make sure this happens, set the Node Type of the
machine(s) to 0x8 in DHCP manager.
2. A microsoft DNS server. In the domain records, add a WINS record. This
will make queries for unknown machine names of the domain to be passed on to
the WINS server. If it responds with an IP address, this IP address will be
returned from the DNS server.
3. If you want reverse-DNS (i.e., IP-->Name where the IP is dynamic), add a
WINS-R record to the reverse lookup domain in the DNS server.

After this, when you type a name in the VNC server prompt, the following
will happen:
1. The VNC software will perform a DNS lookup on the name you typed (say,
2. The DNS server will see that there is no A (address) record for GOOFEY in
its database. But, it WILL see a WINS record
    in the database. So, it will ask the WINS server for an IP for a machine
named GOOFEY
3. The WINS server will respond to the DNS server with the correct IP
address (this IP address is saved in the WINS server when GOOFEY boots up).
4. The DNS server responds to the VNC viewer with an IP address and a
connection is (hopefully) established.

I hope this helps.

BTW: Maybe there are other solutions than Microsoft DNS / WINS servers to
this problem. If there are, I would be happy to know (for example, making a
UNIX named server recognize these machines).

Tal (tal "at" avionitek.com)

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> I am a brand new user and I just installed VNC on a Win98 machine and a
> Win95 machine.  Do I have to use the IP address to connect to the server?
> The reason this is an issue for us is that we are starting to use a DHCP
> server which dynamically assigns IP addresses and we were hoping to use a
> machine name which would remain constant.  (I hope this isn't a stupid
> question!)
> Mike Baggett (mbaggett "at" mail.mcg.edu)

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