DHCP woes

Scott Dudley scottd "at" goodnet.com
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 21:43:31 +0000


I haven't tested the following with the Win-based vnc but I think it should
work.  At work, I've setup a DHCP server supplying IP's to approximately 150
clients.  On the same Linux box I have running Samba's WINS server (nmbd).  I
have the ISC DHCP server hand this WINS address to the clients.  They are
then able to reslove names via WINS (netbios name resolution) much like DNS.
They can ping, telnet, ftp, etc as long as the machine to which they're
connecting is known to the WINS server.

Mike Baggett wrote:

> I am a brand new user and I just installed VNC on a Win98 machine and a
> Win95 machine.  Do I have to use the IP address to connect to the server?
> The reason this is an issue for us is that we are starting to use a DHCP
> server which dynamically assigns IP addresses and we were hoping to use a
> machine name which would remain constant.  (I hope this isn't a stupid
> question!)
> Mike Baggett (mbaggett "at" mail.mcg.edu)
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                   Name: winmail.dat
>    winmail.dat    Type: application/ms-tnef
>               Encoding: base64


Scott Dudley

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