FW: video crash (ALR/gateway servers)

Jonathan Marsden Jonathan "at" XC.Org
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 12:25:37 +0000

On 24 Dec 1998, Brian Hearn writes:

>> I'm running VNC on two ALR 2XL servers, NT4.0, SP3, no problem
>> fitting this description has been seen here.

> Do you know if your machines are using the same onboard video
> hardware (CL-GD54xx)?

They use onboard video of some sort... I can't easily check what it is
without bringing one of them down.  Wait a sec, yes I can... Win NT
Diagnostics to the rescue... fire up vncviewer to control one of them...

Under the Display tab it shows:

  BIOS Information:
  BIOS Date: 10/27/96
  CL-GD 5440 VGA BIOS version 1.07

  Setting: 800*600*256 @ 60Hz
  Type: Cirrus compatible display adapter
  String: Cirrus logic compatible
  Memory: 2MB
  Chip Type: CL 5430
  DAC Type: Integrated RAMDAC

  Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
  File(s): cirrus.sys, vga.dll, cirrus.dll, vga256.dll
  Version: 4.00, 4.0.0

It looks like the same or very similar video hardware you are
describing, to me.

> Have you tried SP4 on any of your machines?

No.  We've heard too many horror stories about it :-)  I believe some
video card vendors (ATI for one) have stated that some of their
cards/drivers definitely do not work with SP4.  Maybe Cirrus is one of
those?  I'd back out to SP3 and see if things work more smoothly, if
that is an option for you.  You could also check the MS Knowledgebase
for any items relating to SP4 and Cirrus video chips?

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