Another quick newbie WinVNC question

John Hornbuckle computers "at"
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 22:05:16 +0000

   I'm trying to do something that seems simple, but I can't figure out how
to do it. I'm hoping that one of you more experienced users can point me in
the right direction.
   Many of the Win95 machines I'm connecting to in my network run a program
called "Fortress". This program keeps the students from rearranging the
desktop, messing up the Task Bar, launching unauthorized programs, and so on.
   When I connect remotely, I need to disable Fortress before I can do
anything on the machine. The keyboard combo to do this is [Ctrl] + [Shift]
+ [Esc], and then I type in a password. This works fine if I'm sitting in
front of the PC, but when I connect remotely I can't seem to send the
proper keystrokes--they keep being executed on MY computer instead of the
one I'm connected to.
   Is there a way around this, or am I out of luck?
   Another thing I noticed is that the "Send [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del]" command on
the viewer doesn't seem to do anything. This isn't a critical problem,
though--just a curiousity...

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Taylor County School System
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