Coupla Newbie Questions

John Hornbuckle computers "at"
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 18:56:05 +0000

>	There is a check for the password that takes place on boot and if there
>is no password or your password is blank you will get that same error.

   No, that's not the message I meant (sorry for not being clearer). I was
setting the password before putting in that Registry entry, so this wasn't
the error I was getting. What I was getting was a message after WinVNC
launched saying something like, "You can't change VNC's settings".
   Anyhow, it's a moot point because your suggestion about using WinVNC as
a service did what I wanted to do--namely run the program without having
its icon show up in the system tray. This makes it nearly impossible for my
users to change its settings or shut it down. 99.9% of them would never
know how to use command line options to kill the service or change the
settings. So now I don't have to make those Registry entries at all.
   Things are looking good--of course, time will be the ultimate judge.
Thanks for your help!

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