Java Client Problems W/256 card mode

Yair Lenga yair "at"
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 14:38:39 +0000

I have been using VNC to access a financial application (lot
of text fields and tables - almost no graphics). There seems
to be a problem when I use the Java client (through hostname:5801)
and the NT machine is set for 256 colors. I hope that someone
has already found this problem (and a solution).

Problem Summary:
When drawing large rectangles of solid color, the right side and
the upper side of the rectangle is drawn with the wrong color.
With this configuration the problem occurs on all possible values
of "options", with the exception that for "encoding=Raw", the
problem can not be reproduced, but than the performance is so
bad, that it is not a good solution.

NT/4.0, 256 colors: IE4, and Netscape 4.05

To isolate the problem I've tested several environments, which
all seems to work OK:
Same as above, with 65536 colors: OK
Same as above, with Encoding = Raw: OK
Same screen, Netscape 4.05 on unix Box: OK

I've using 3.3.2 on an SGI machine. I will appreciate any input
how to get the above configuration to work with reasonable

Yair Lenga
yair.lenga "at"

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