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	There is a check for the password that takes place on boot and if there is
no password or your password is blank you will get that same error.  Before
you make the registry entries you should first set the password.  Try
removing the registry setting, then setting the password, and then put the
settings back into the registry and the problem should go away.  Note their
is also a registry setting that disables this check and essentially allows a
blank password.
	If you start VNC as a service it normally does not show up in the system
tray.  This is not in the program design, as I understand it, but I have
noticed this on all Win95, Win98 and NT systems.
	Your question on allowing you to change setting may be as simple as turning
on profiles for that computer.  Your profile would allow changes and all
others would not.  This may take some research but it seems like it should
be possible.
	If you haven't found it yet there is a web page that is very helpful with
the questions you are asking.
	Good luck and hope you find VNC as handy as I have.

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   I've checked the FAQ and docs, but didn't see the answers to these two
questions regarding the WinVNC server...

1. I read that you can put in a Registry entry that will prevent the user
from changing the settings. When I put in this entry, it worked.
Unfortunately, it caused the annoying side effect of a dialogue box popping
up every time WinVNC is launched. The box basically says that the
preferences can't be changed, and then you click the "OK" button.
   Is there any way to disable this dialogue from appearing? I have the
WinVNC server configured to launch every time the user boots their PC,
which means that this message also pops up every time they boot their PC. I
find it a nuisance.
   I would actually like to make it so that the user on the "home" machine
can't change the VNC preferences, but I could change them when I connect
remotely with the Viewer.

2. I would really prefer for the WinVNC icon to not show up in the System
Tray when it's launched. I've found that it doesn't show up when I bypass
my network login screen on Win95 by pressing the [Esc] key instead of
typing in a password. If I DO type in a password, however, the icon shows
up. Does anyone know why? If I could figure out why, maybe I could prevent
the icon from showing up in all instances.
   The VNC docs indicate that ORL doesn't want to build in this feature,
but for my users on my network it would really be useful.

   Thanks in advance... I hope some of you more experienced users can offer
some guidance! This program is working very well for us. If I could resolve
these two issues, things would be perfect!

John Hornbuckle
Network Manager
Taylor County School System
601 East Lafayette Street
Perry, FL 32347

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