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Jonathan Marsden Jonathan "at" XC.Org
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 19:40:02 +0000

On 22 Dec 1998, Randy Heiland writes:

> Can someone expedite my understanding of things...  I want to
> display an application on my (SGI) X wkst and "share" it with a
> person on a PC.  I've successfully installed VNC and ran the sample
> server/client, but, of course, the server app (defined in
> ~/.vnc/xstartup) doesn't actually *appear* on my wkst.  How do I
> remedy this?

> E.g., I have an OpenGL application that I want to interact with and
> have the person at the PC being able to see what I'm doing (and,
> optionally, be able to interact with the app himself)

My understanding is:

You must set up the VNC server on the SGI box, and then run a viewer
on your SGI to connect to that 'virtual' X server, and run the
application there.  Then, a PC user can also use a VNC viewer to see
the same virtual X server on the SGI.  If both of you connect using
the viewer with the '-shared' option, you'll be able to collaborate on
using the application(s) that run on the virtual VNC X server.

Under X, VNC does not display 'whatever is on the X console screen' of
the VNC server machine; instead it sets up (possibly multiple) virtual
X servers and shares those with whomever wants to view them using the
VNC viewer.  From VNC's perspective, whether those users are local to
the server machine or on the other side of the planet doesn't matter.
Under lesser operating systems, with less flexible window systems, VNC
is reduced to simply sharing the one real console windowing

Whether you can do OpenGL on the X server that is part of the VNC
server code, I have no idea.  We do have an SGI machine here, but I
have not yet needed to try VNC on it :-)

Hoping that helps,

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