Shift-Tab passthrough (was: Re: Remotley unlocking NT password)

Jonathan Marsden Jonathan "at" XC.Org
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 19:08:46 +0000

On 22 Dec 1998, Sean Pearce writes:

> BTW: I've only ever used the WinVNC Client and Server on Windows NT,
> so I don't know how these things affect other platforms.

Ctrl-Alt-Del is passed straight through VNC just fine when the viewer
runs under Unix/X Windows.  The viewer menu item for that keystroke
combination is there only for Microsoft OSes that can't generate it.

One keystroke that *is* apaprently missed by VNC when the viewer is
running under RedHat Linux 5.2/XFree86 and the server is on NT 4.0 is
Shift-Tab... I use this in the NT logon dialog to get from the
password field back to the username field to type in who I am, on NT
machines that try to 'remember' the last user logged in... but using
the mouse for that is not a huge hardship :-)

Does anyone know whether the lack of Shift-Tab passthrough from X to
NT is fixable with some X configuration settings, or if this is truly
a VNC limitation?

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