(Headless stuff and patching SRPMs)

Ben Kosse BKosse "at" thecreek.com
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 17:25:16 +0000

(Hope I got the name in the right place)
> Actually, if you use UNIX, you certainly *CAN* run the 
> servers headless.
> I do so occasionally now. Since UNIX works better for file 
> servers, web
> servers, print servers, etc., I find this a useful technique.
Yes, I know this, but he specifically mentioned NT Servers on alphas.

> Tim Senecal said:
> > I am curious if anybody out there has compiled a copy of 
> vnc for LinuxPPC?
> > if so, could you lend me a hand?  I have downloaded the 
> source, and tried a
> > compile, but it errors out with several messages, none of 
> which are greater
> > than warnings.  I assume the compiler is simply dying due 
> to too many
> > warnings, but am unsure.  If you have binaries, that would 
> be even better.  
Do a make World 2> looksee and check to see if there aren't really errors
showing up by doing 'less looksee' and searching for error.

> The PPC port of the latest XFree86 seems to have a lot of weird
> patches: the SRPM lists *DOZENS* of patches, and they apparently need
> to be applied in a certain order, which is listed nowhere. And the
> patches are not all in the same format, so some you have to do from
> the top of the source tree, others require a "patch -P1" if you're
> working from there, etc. Quite awkward. So working from that
> SRPM and adding the VNC to it is feasible, just a bit of a pain.
Shortcurcuit that whole mess of manually applying the patches with:
    rpm -bp <rpm>
in the directory with the .spec file (generally /usr/src/redhat/SPECS).

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