Distorted Fonts on AIX

J.C. Rosser Jeffrey jcrz1d1 "at" CAT.com
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 14:45:55 +0000

I'm new at this so please forgive my errors, but here goes . . .
I have gotten vnc to compile and run on our AIX 4.1.5 machines, but I still have 
one nagging problem -- two distorted fonts. I say distorted because if I magnify 
them, I can read them (but not clrearly). I'm thinking perhaps that it is a 
scaling problem rather than a wrong font problem.
Possible clues:
	Typing "xdpyinfo" in the real world reveals a resolution of 99x104.
	In a viewer, typing "xdpyinfo" gives a resoution of 100x100.
	Font paths in both worlds are identical.
	I launch "dtsession" in xstartup and that seems to work fine.
	I compiled without the -O option and included Type1 font -- didn't help.
	The fonts are not the user selectable ones for text, but rather fonts 
chosen by the application to display menus and messages. I have no way of 
telling what fonts they are (short of contacting the vendors).
Is it possible that these two applications with the bad fonts will not scale 
them from 99x104 to 100x100? And if so how would I change the resolution? I 
could not seem to find any global variables for this. Or is that a wild goose 
Let me know if more info is needed to troubleshoot this problem.

Jeff Rosser
Caterpillar, Inc.

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