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Not insane, but certainly a lot of work for somebody. I'm not sure how
many people would make use of it though. The CE/Pilot ports are nice,
but probably only get used in anger a relatively small amount. I have a
CE machine and have used the CE port, but not often.

The PSX's lack of mouse/keyboard/ip connectivity as standard could
really limit things. I don't know much about this, but I'd reckon they
aren't something most PSX owners have and as an obscure add-on are
probably a mite expensive.

Can you get a Java capable browser for the PSX? If so, that is probably
a more viable option, using the Java viewer.

If you got it to work, you would be looking at a fairly impressive bit
of "platform independance" though. Wouldn't fancy anything above 640x480
on blurry TV screens though.

The N64 is probably out as cartridges are not something most people can
make. Even the PSX is a bit of a pain as you need a "chipped" one to
play non-PSX CD's.

Just my opinions, ignore the rubbish I spout.

Carroll, Patrick S wrote:
> Here's a crazy Idea..... (sorta taken from
> How about a client for the Sony Playstation?  Hook-up a modem, cable, dsl,
> or some other interface(It's got a parallel interface of some kind and a
> serial interface of some kind, you can buy mouses for the Playstation, and a
> keyboard hack could be done ) and work at home through Playstation, Nintendo
> 64, etc????
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