VNC and TCP wrappers

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Here's a crazy Idea..... (sorta taken from

How about a client for the Sony Playstation?  Hook-up a modem, cable, dsl,
or some other interface(It's got a parallel interface of some kind and a
serial interface of some kind, you can buy mouses for the Playstation, and a
keyboard hack could be done ) and work at home through Playstation, Nintendo
64, etc????

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> > Has anyone made any attempts at getting VNC to use Linux tcpwrappers? It
> > would be very convenient if the sever could be restricted by the same
> > hosts.allow / hosts.deny that are already there.
> Yes, I've prepared a patch for this for Xvnc.  You should be able to find
> it on the VNC contribs web page; otherwise contact me.
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