Can I disable server inputs?

Nik Zapantis, UVic Physics, Victoria BC (250)721-7729 ZAPANTIS "at" phys.UVic.CA
Sat, 19 Dec 1998 01:02:27 +0000

I just started using VNC on our Intel and Alpha NT servers.
Great product! Thanks to ORL for making it available.

I have one concern and would like to know if there is a solution.
If I make a remote connection to our server, is there a way to disable input
from the server? 
I worry that someone may use the logged in session on the server console, and
gain access to the server, while I am logged on remotely.

If one could disable the server's keyboard and mouse, while a remote session
is active, should take care of this potential problem.

am I missing something, or is this a real scenario?


Nik Zapantis
UVic, Physics & Astronomy

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