VNC on Linux Kernel 2.0 (Slackware)

Mitch Urquhart mitch "at"
Fri, 18 Dec 1998 11:39:18 +0000

I'm a VNC newbie, but maybe I can help.
... When you start VNC from the /usr/local directory, what messages do you
see.  Do you see some messages about logging, or anything else ?   What
username are you when you crank up VNC (root ... other...? )  Have you
looked in "/home/user-name/.vnc"  directory for some logfiles ?

    I think once you get up and connected you'll find VNC a pretty killer
tool.   I run all kinds of X apps on my linux box at work from my Win95 box
at home.. works great !  Saves me alot of trips to work.

Mario E Mira wrote:

> Hello there Gentlemans...
> I need some help with vnc on my Linux box. I am running kernel 2.0, it's
> slackware flavor. I untar the the binary and got installed on
> /usr/local.
> Now my problem is that when I start the command vncserver, I can not see
> to go anywhere, I do a ps to see all processes and I can see them but
> they disappear for some reason that I can understand. How can I get the
> vncserver command to start the processes and those processes stay on if
> I am going to be able to access the Linux bos from MY PC??.
> When I attempt to logon from my PC I get the error " failed to connect
> to server".
> I have gone through the FAQ's but still can not get it to work.
> Could anybody help me... please ... maybe there is a written procedure
> or check list that I can have to follow and make sure I get this
> running.
> Thanks.
> Mario Mira
> ABM Industries.
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