Win95 routing or port redirecting

Nick Reynolds n.reynolds "at"
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:56:02 +0000

It was a long time ago I looked at this, but I would tend to agree. If
you perform the registry hack, it can be forced to do it.

You then have to add routes manually with the "route add" command on the
95 boxes.

At least I think I got it working, it was a long time ago when 95 first
appeared and I was just messing around.

Anyone back us up?

Probably doesn't provide a decent solution to the original problem
though. I know it is probably expensive, but I would buy the "base
station" that matches your network cards if you can. Not much of an
answer, but it is IMHO the sensible way to do things, disregarding the
cost. I don't know what context you are using these wireless cards in,
but having one will probably make them much more useful.

Rui Carmo wrote:
> Wrong... 8')
> Win95 _can_ do routing, only it isn't worth the time to get it set up...
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