Should font path cleanup be in released code? (was: Re: VNC on AIX)

Jonathan Marsden Jonathan "at" XC.Org
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:29:34 +0000

On 16 Dec 1998, Quentin Stafford-Fraser writes:

> Charles Hines wrote:

>> Looks like vnc isn't starting up properly, probably due to a
>> problem with one of the font path directories in the vncserver
>> script (or you aren't setting the font path in there at all).  If
>> there is a font path problem, vnc tends to just exit with no
>> messages...

> This is a bug somewhere in the XFree86 code, and seems to cause
> people problems sufficiently often that it's now in the FAQ.

Since this is the case, might it not be preferable to add the Bruce
Mah patch at
that checks and fixes up the font path to the next release?  That way,
people do not need to ask questions or read FAQs or otherwise track
this issue down, the script will just quietly ignore any useless font
directories it is asked to use.  Seems like a good practical solution
to me.

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