Win95 routing or port redirecting

Rui Carmo Rui.Carmo "at"
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 18:08:39 +0000

Wrong... 8')

Win95 _can_ do routing, only it isn't worth the time to get it set up...

As to port redirection, I've tried WinGate (most proxies _can_ do port =
redirection), and a version of netcat for Win32 systems (the URL is =
somewhere around here, but you'd be better off searching for it on the =


Rui Carmo

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>To my knowledge neither is available.  I looked for both when I was =
>up my network at home, and I only found stuff for Linux.  The one thing
>which I didn't really poke around with was some of the proxy
>products(Wingate...) which might do it.  Of course another option is to
>upgrade to NT(If the wireless drivers are available)
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>Subject: Win95 routing or port redirecting
>I recently bought some wireless networking cards in order to give me
>some freedom to roam around with my laptop.  I use Linux, but
>unfortunately, only W95 drivers are available for the wireless cards.=20
>So, what I am trying to do, is use VNC to project an X server to the
>laptop running W95.  Here is the configuration I am trying
>         _______________        ___________                 __________
>Net --- | Linux Machine |------|W95 Desktop| . . . . . . . |W95 Laptop|
>         ---------------    ^   -----------        ^        ----------
>                            |                      |
>                         Ethernet              Wireless network
>What I would like to do is run a Xvnc server on the Linux machine and
>then run the VNC client on the laptop, thus sort of getting linux on =
>laptop.  The problem is that I don't know how to make W95 do routing.=20
>There is a registry variable "EnableRouting", but the machine simply
>doesn't boot if that is on.  So the another way I thought of doing
>routing is to use a TCP port redirector (like the Linux "redir"
>command).  However I can't find a W95 port redirector.
>Does anyone have any advice on how to get either
> 1.  Routing to work under W95
> 2.  TCP port redirection under W95
>I have run a VNC server on the Desktop and a VNC client on the laptop.=20
>I could then run a VNC client on the desktop connecting to the Linux
>Machine, but that seems like it would be slow and overkill.
> Steve Wood
> Newport News, Virginia
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