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According to Heiner Amthauer:
> Hi there !
> "xset q" says font path is /usr/openwin/lib/fonts. However, when=20
> using this path in vncserver ( $cmd .=3D " -fp /usr/openwin/lib/fonts/";=
> ), the logfile says "failed to set font path ...". I also tried=20
> /share/openwin/lib/fonts, because /usr/openwin is a link to=20
> /share/openwin. Didn't work, either.=20
> How come ?

Actually, your font path won't be /usr/openwin/lib/fonts; there are several
subdirectories there. On my system (Solaris 2.5), the full path is


However, a number of these directories will only work with the Openwindows
server. The ones that will work are:
The ones that won't are:
(These are Folio fonts, which the standard X server does not support.)

Under other versions of OpenWindows, the paths will be different, and there
will be a different set of directories. However, the core directories -
misc, 75dpi, 100dpi - will always be there and will always be compatible.
The Type1 and Speedo are scalable fonts that X11R5 and later support
(including the VNC X server), and may not exist in older versions of

> Setting the path from xset q did work on Linux and HPUX, fine.

Those systems don't have Display Postscript, and don't have the extra,
non-compatible fonts.


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