Microsoft Proxy and VNC

Kroh, Scott SKroh "at"
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 13:47:53 +0000

I have just begun using VNC and like it a lot.  I have an issue that I can't
resolve though.  My environment has a Microsoft Proxy 2.0 server and a
private Intranet network sitting behind this proxy server.  If I want to be
able to hold a VNC session hosting from the Intranet and accessing from the
Internet how do this?

I have in the past been able to setup PCAnywhere to do this by doing the

1.Installed the winsock client on a computer located on the intranet side
of the proxy.

2. Install pcanywhere on the same computer. In the directory where the
executable awhost32.exe is located, I create a file called wspcfg.ini and
in that file put the following:


Then the MS Proxy Server passes the data through using the 5631 Port.

Is there a similar way to setup VNC so that I can hold a VNC session and
allow the Proxy Server to be able to access a host sitting on the Intranet
side of my Proxy Server?

Scott Kroh
Director of Network Administration
Danville Area School District

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