Set Client Size - I want a Thumbnail of Server

Jay Westerdal jay "at"
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 10:16:08 +0000


I would Challenge you to do it. Because it would save resources, and it
would be cool too. If you are worried about changing the protocol, try
making the changes on the Clients side. Sure, it would help the bandwith
issue but it would add functionality to the client. You allow full screen -
which can exceed/minimize the server size.  So it should be fairly easy to
make the changes on the Client Side.

Also, I just got an idea. If you decide to mess with the server side. Don't
Change the Protocol -- Enhance it! Check version numbers, if the version
number supports something (i.e. Thumbnails) then use the new enhanced
protocal.  If the Client asks for a thumbnail, don't allow mouse
communication.  Have a totally limited protocol just for a thumbnail
channel. No other I/O communications except the thumbnail imaging. This
would be totally useful in a tech support way.  A tech could sit on a phone
in the Call Center and talk the user (on the phone) through the whole thing
(installing, trouble shooting). And he would have the ability to watch but
not steer, if you will.  The Tech could see, hear and talk. About the
problem of the phone and the network.  But allow the Client to request
whatever size he wants the full screen to display as.

Idea for Thought,
Jay Westerdal

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Jay Westerdal wrote:

>   I want like a thumbnail of the server.  Also because this requires less
> information, this could also improve performance on the Server.

This would be cool, and it is something we've thought about.  It wouldn't be
too difficult, but would require changes to the protocol if the scaling were
done at the server end, which is, as you suggest, the right place to do it.

The Mac viewer has basic scaling abilities, but nothing else, yet.


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