java client on win98

Eric Schwartz erics "at"
Mon, 14 Dec 1998 20:00:57 +0000

So, I'm doing some testing, and I've found that the java client works
fine under Windows 95 or NT, but using IE 4under Windows 98, I
consistently get:

"Unknown authentication scheme from RFB server 1027" or
"Unknown authentication scheme from RFB server 65536"  (usually this one)

This is coming from rfbProto::readAuthScheme().  If I telnet directly to
the server and check the output, it's putting out the correct bits, and
everything else seems to work okay-- it's just windows98 that has the
problem (I'm working on installing Netscape to check if it's an
IE-specific thing).

Has anybody else seen this kind of problem windows98 and the java client?
Is this a known issue?



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