IP Level Security on WinVNC

Jared Smolens jsmolens+ "at" andrew.cmu.edu
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 17:47:56 +0000

I announced these changes a few months ago, but since the URL is
changing, I thought I would do it again:

I have changed WinVNC server to strictly allow or deny VNC connections
based upon the client's IP address (or a block of IP addresses).  This
is similar to functionality found in TCP wrappers on UN*X platforms.  
It gives me better peace of mind when running WinVNC on my machines on
insecure networks.

Right now, the IP allow/deny rules are stored in a text file.  It's
possible that for greater security and simpler deployment, these rules
could be moved to the registry.  

Anyway, the new URL for the sources (based upon 3.3.2r5) is:

Win32 (Intel) binaries (for people without compilers) are also available at:

Quentin - 
The contrib extras.html page currently lists the old URL
(tweedledee.res.cmu.edu).  Thanks.

Feel free to send questions or comments to me and/or the list.  

Jared Smolens

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