Windows CE server

PJ Bostley bostley "at"
Sun, 13 Dec 1998 16:45:40 +0000

This is my mail filter.
You are receiving this because your mail has come from a
suspicious site.  This may be a site that offers free e-mail
accounts, or has poor, or unenforced acceptable use policies
in place.  This may also be because your mail had headers
that taged it as probable spam.  The result is that this
filter intercepted and deleted your mail.
If you actually are a bulk mailer, an advertiser, or are
makeing a "free offer" (public, private, political,
commercial, or otherwise) please remove this address from
your mailing list, and take a long walk off a short peer.
If you are not one of the above, or you have no idea what I
am talking about, you can get passed the filter.  Please
resend your mail with the pass word "nospam" in the SUBJECT
line of your mail.  Do this only if you have legitimate
buisness with me.
If you are a spammer and have made it this far through this
message and are too stupid to figure out that I am not
interested, GO AWAY!!.  Anyone spamming me in this fasion
will be dealt with harshly.