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On Thu, 10 Dec 1998, Joseph Norris wrote:

> Has anyone noticed any system performance problems in running KDE via vnc? 

It's a question of settings... without colour gradients, background
pictures, opaque movement and sizing it should not be much worse than with
other windowmanagers.

> And I guess a more general question is: What desktop systems are you
> running besides twm and why?

I am using Amiwm, for two reasons: 
1) It reminds me of a great computer :-)
2) The normal Amiga windows don't have too fancy graphics, they were
designed for fast drawing even on a 7Mhz machine (yes, I know there are
quite fast Amigas today...), so they are fine for a bandwidth-limited
system like VNC. On the Amiga there was the bottleneck of Chip-RAM
access, with VNC it's the network connection. So it performs quite well.

Bye, Patrick

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